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Mother Claudia Fischer & her children
Visit our Care enough® program and learn about our direct support to health and educational programs in rural Ecuadorian communities.
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The Care Enough program was set up by The Exotic Blends Co. and its international distributor network to enable us to preserve Rainforest Magic for future generations.

We believe the only real way of preserving the rainforests and its magic is through helping rainforest people have a better standard of living, so that they don’t need to log or sell their rainforest for survival. 

Our aim is to help the rural rainforest communities by improving their health and educational facilities so that together we can protect and preserve the rainforest.

Why ‘Care Enough’?
If we all care enough to give our very best, to wake up every morning and consider life a blessing. If we all care enough for others, for nature and for ourselves… the world will certainly become a better place, the place we have dreamed that the future generations should live in.

This is inspiration behind the name of our social responsibility program. We are all very proud to contribute to it with our daily work.

Our Project: Valle Feliz.
We have chosen to support Valle Feliz NFP (Non for profit) organization in Santo Domingo de Los Colorados, Ecuador. 

Madre Claudia Fischer is a cisterciencise Nun originally from Germany.  In 1988 the bishop of Santo Domingo having heard about the good work she was doing in Bolivia invited her to come to Ecuador.   She was the founder and director of Valle Feliz (Happy Valley), a place dedicated to helping children.

Madre Claudia passed away in February of 2013. Her example of unconditional love and dedication to the children of Santo Domingo is now followed by Sister Ewa Pilarska “Hermana Carmela” a Polish Benedictine nun and her team.

In the same year, the day care and kindergarten (Semillitas de Dios) were opened to take care of disadvantaged children who stayed at home alone whilst their mothers were working.
This initiative led to the need for a permanent orphanage facility. Madre Claudia and her team built the Valle Feliz Infant Care Center in September 1990.
As of today, 60 children live in Valle Feliz, attending school. Over 20 children have been adopted and several others are in the process of being adopted.

 In 1999 Valle Feliz opened a “girls in need” transitory home for girls between the ages of 14 to 18.
The Semillitas de Dios Kindergarten has grown into an elementary school for 150 students, open to all children living in the surrounding area.

In September 1990 the Valle Feliz Foundation was officially recognized by the Ecuadorian tax Authorities (SRI) and the Ministry of Education.

Why Valle Feliz? 
Why reinvent the wheel?
Madre Claudia and her team are already doing such a good job that we decided to support their projects.  At Valle Feliz they have created a warm and loving environment for children of all ages. It is a place where they can grow, learn and feel safe and well cared for.

The Valle Feliz Foundations only funding is based on private donations. A nearby church donated the land for the orphanage and the school.

Current Programs and Facilities at Valle Feliz

  • Orphanage for children 0 to 14 years old.  There are five houses each with three bedrooms, a kitchen, dinning area and living room.  Each house is run as family unit, and every family has a Mother and the help of a Volunteer.
  • Young Girls House.  For girls from 14 to 18 years old, in danger.
  • Au Pair Program.  Sends girls over 18 to Germany as AuPairs for one year. This way they can save some money to get a head start after reaching adulthood.
  • Semillitas de Dios (God´s seedlings) School for children from kindergarten to 5th grade.  The school currently has seven classrooms. The day care center was closed to give room to the 4th and 5th grade children.

Programs sponsored by TEB

1. The funding of the construction of two new Nursery classrooms for children 3 to 5 years old, in order to reopen the Day Care center. 

Many working mothers have no other option but to leave their children home alone.  We hope by extending the nursery facilities at Valle Feliz more children will be able to be cared for, well fed and have the opportunities to learn through play instead of being left at home.  The nursery will also be open to the children of all SamaiÒ employees.

2. The 6th and 7th grades are needed to complete the Primary Cycle in accordance with Ecuador’s educational system.

3. Renew the water gathering canals of the houses.

4. A playground for Valle Feliz. The current one is made of rusted metal swings and slides.

Second Step Programs TEB

To improve the health and medical facilities in the small rural banana/plantain producing communities, by providing them with basic medical equipment, laboratory and diagnostic equipment.

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