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Visit our Care enough® program and learn about our direct support to health and educational programs in rural Ecuadorian communities.
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Following our continuous improvement philosophy, our R&D team is constantly working not only in product improvement and innovation, but also in making relevant nutritional and food related information accessible to our suppliers and consumers via this web page.


The attributes of a good frying fat are the opposite of what you would expect.

Normal frying temperatures are in the range of 160-190 °C (320-374 °F). A good frying fat must have a minimum content of mono- and diglycerides which tend to decompose and produce smoke. It must also have minimum concentrations of unsaturated fatty acids which can react with oxygen and the water in raw foods to produce a wide range of undesirable compounds that can alter the flavor of the fried foods and can even produce toxic compounds such as malondialdehyde. Repeated frying with the same fat aggravates the situation.

Palm Oil - Your Vegetable Oil for Better Health

American Palm Oil Council
The Council professes to undertake necessary promotional and educational activities to enhance the marketability and image of palm oil and palm oil products in an effort to gain greater consumer confidence as a healthy vegetable oil for the American consumers.

Palm Oil - Your Vegetable Oil for Better Health


American Palm Oil Council
21515 Hawthorne Boulevard Suite 690
Torrance CA 90503



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